Krajine Viaduct
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    and enginnering structures designs
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    architecture designs and studies

We provide financially optimized solutions founded on the proven standards within the established deadlines

Accomplishing such an endeavor necessitates solely the finest engineers in the region. Therefore, I express gratitude to them, the engineers who have dedicated the pinnacle of their career to Tempus project.

Damir Tkalčić, M.Sc. CE PE
General Manager

Said about as

  • From the report on performed audit, standard ISO 9001:2008

    “Quality management system of the company Tempus project Ltd. is an example of very successful implementation of requirements from the ISO 9001 standard. The commitment and awareness of the Board of the importance of systems functioning, clearly defined processes and their monitoring and active participation of employees deserve mention.”

    Certification company: SGS Adriatica d.o.o. (http://www.sgsgroup.hr/) Leading auditor: Marijan Vučak Report title: Certification of Management Systems Date of report:  13.10.2014
  • „Our cooperation with Tempus project will be remembered for their extraordinary ability in providing optimal technical solutions for a large number of road structures. We were given several versions of solutions to choose from for each structure, which helped us immensely with the decision making process. I would particularly like to emphasise the continued involvement of their engineers on the project until the construction has been completed. Owing to the fact that the job as a whole was exceptionally well done, Tempus will remain our partner on future projects as well.”

    Slobodan Stanković, General Manager at Integral Inženjering Laktaši, Bosnia and Herzegovina Banja Luka - Doboj Motorway, Section: Banja Luka - Prnjavor Bridges and Structures Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • „Tempus was present in all segments of this project and coordinated its development with all the parties involved. Due to specific circumstances, the design was drastically changed during construction, after which Tempus project adapted the process of design development to the Contractor for works in order to accelerate construction and save on the investment. By optimizing all factors, Tempus project ensured the completion of works within contractual deadlines for which we are especially grateful.“

    Josip Purić, Managing Director at GP Krk; Krk, Croatia Reconstruction of the section of state road D66 – north Pula Bypass; Phase II Transport infrastructure Croatia